Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let's Be Random: A Product Review for Ped Egg

My sweet hubby bought me a "Ped Egg" last weekend and gave me a wonderful pedicure. It is the only thing that has come close to sloughing off all the yucky callouses and peely parts on my feet like a professional pedicure. And it was so easy. And pretty fun.(And no, I am not getting any money from these people, I just saw their info-mercial and was curious).

We got it at Walgreens and as a person with chronically gross feet, I am loving my new soft peds. One warning: I think I may have to not slough as much next time, because when I went to the gym this week I really felt like I was about to get a blister. Those callouses must have been actually doing something. Huh? Who would have thunk?

I give this product an A.


Shelly said...

Well you have convinced me to get one. I saw an advertisement for the ped egg last week and thought about its moved from a thought to a must buy next week list! Thanks for the review!

lawrence said...

This is an excellent blog for womens related toPed Egg that mostly womens face the this problem. Many womens use lotions to rid off cracked feet but no result. I suggest ped egg is the best solution for cracked feet because it removes calluses and dead skin, leaving ones skin wonderfully smooth feet.

Mags said...

That's so funny - I just saw this commercial for the 1st time this week and wondered if it worked! I might have to give this a try!!
:) Mags,

The Red Head said...

I bought one based upon the good result comments I had seen on many websites after seeing this on tv. I have to tell you, the best ten bucks I had spent in a long time. Beats all the other kinds of lotions and tools I had tried before. This was worth every penny. My husband even loves this!
I can honestly say its something I use regularly and highly recommend as a product that works wonderfully just as promised.
And no I dont get a dime for saying that either! ;O) Just nice soft feet!!!